modular layout
My Master's programme

In order not to commit myself too quickly at the beginning of my Master's programme and to collect individual approaches and ideas, I developed a file system. 
It is a modular design. There is a superordinate design system consisting of individual mould boxes. From these, variable layout templates were created. There is a fixed place for headings, sources or contact information. The individual "building blocks" are flexible and can be quickly and easily adapted to the content. The system is completely aligned to the purpose to enter information clearly and without great effort. This should facilitate the planning and implementation of design projects. Ideas can be recorded quickly and the individual projects can be better coordinated with each other. The system should make it easier to check concepts for utility, feasibility, time expenditure and costs and to compare them with each other. 
The information areas are separated by a single line, which can be understood as a guideline through the folder and through the semesters. In the end, the system also documents the progress of the individual projects. What background information is available? What was the idea? When was it implemented? What did the first drafts look like? Who was the target group? How was it done? In which course did the project develop? What was the result? What are the benefits? The folder is divided into the following categories: Research, Ideas, In progress, Results, Appendix.

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