The story behind this project started with the idea to get almost forgotten traditions back to life. In the research phase I came across something that really caught my interest. At a time in which industrialisation was not yet an issue there were richly ornamented waffle irons. The value of waffles was so much higher than nowadays. They were welcome gifts to special occasions (weddings, new years eve..) and very precious. Every waffle iron was made by a blacksmith in time- and material-consuming handwork. Because of that there are beautiful ornamented irons in the second half of the 13th century. Sometimes they deal with the same topic, but every iron is manufactured separately according to individual requirements. Common depictions are flags, emblems, animals, nature, people, work situations, religion and buildings. Nowadays waffles are generally consumed and they all look the same. 'waffelgold' revitalises a tradition which goes far back into the history. I designed new, modern patterns which are bound to newsworthy events. 

Brand signals: The high-quality packaging was designed in precious gold in combination with grey, which reminds of cast iron. These colours represent the high quality products and the historical backround. The graphical elements visualise different events. 

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