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"A Doll's House" by Henrik Ibsen

The year 1879: A drama is performed in Copenhagen that radically changes the social norms. With "A Doll's House" (German: "Nora oder ein Puppenheim"), Henrik Ibsen created a play that today is considered to be the starting point of modern drama. It brought a new psychological depth and moral significance to the European theatre.
The documents proving this change are part of UNESCO's "Memory of the World"-programme. Founded in 1992, the register of documents comprises contributions from all over the world: valuable book collections, manuscripts, scores, unique copies, image, sound and film documents. The selection criteria are strict. The document must be of worldwide significance, authentic, unique and irreplaceable for humanity.
This magazine issue informs about Henrik Ibsen and his work.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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